About GardenerGrows

You might be wondering who’s really the gardener that grows behind the scenes of this blog…

Hi there, it’s me Laura 🡻

Laura taking care of gardens since forever

To be honest, I’ve grown a bit but still have the same passion for nature, gardening and different tools, equipment and garden gadgets that help all the green thumbs to tend their dearest plants.

I grew up in the lush countryside in Wisconsin and was raised by two biologists. No wonder I ended up studying horticulture & landscaping.

My true passion lies in getting my hands dirty (a.k.a. soily) and trying various gardening techniques and praying to make them work. When the sun goes down, as a true geek I enjoy googling all about gardens and gardening. This is how this blog came about!

Thanks for passing by! If you would like to get in touch I’m one e-mail away: hello (at) gardenergrows.com