AeroGarden Farm Review: Here’s How Their 5 Models Compare (2023)

When I started out gardening, I was really excited to grow my own herbs, tomatoes, and my favorite – fresh, spicy chillis. However, I quickly found that it was more difficult than I thought. The plants always seemed to be wilting, and I just couldn’t seem to get them to grow properly. This is how I ended up doing some research and eventually came across the Aerogarden Farm.

Of course, I was hooked!

It promised to make gardening easy and to help me get the most out of our produce (or finally grow anything at all). After doing some more research, I decided that Aerogarden Farm would be the perfect addition to our home and ordered one.

I couldn’t be happier with my Aerogarden Farm! We’ve been able to grow so many different kinds of plants – not just herbs and vegetables, but flowers too.

The Aerogarden Farm is so easy to use – there’s no guesswork involved. The investment has been definitely worth it as nothing compares to freshly picked herbs and veggies. Plus the excitement of seeing them growing and thriving in your apartment is guaranteed.

This motivated me to write a more in-depth Aerogarden Farm review covering all their models as initially, I was also quite confused about the differences between them and what are their main features.

What is Aerogarden?

Aerogarden is a company that produces hydroponic indoor gardening systems. It’s designed to help you garden indoors making it a great option for those who want to enjoy gardening but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it. Or for people who just want to grow the plans indoors in the most efficient way.

The Aerogarden system provides all the necessary nutrients and lighting for your plants, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s like gardening has taken the next level thanks to technology – Aerogarden automatically delivers everything your plants need to thrive.

Your plant’s roots get the perfect amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients. It means that your plants could end up growing up to 5 times faster than if they were grown in soil.

The Aerogarden offers not only various gardening system models but also a variety of 70+ seed pods or Grow Anything seed pod that allows you to plant your own seeds. Their seed pods come with pre-programmed instructions, so you can just pick the plants that you want to grow and the Aerogarden will do the rest.

Aerogarden Farm Models Overview

Aerogarden currently has 15 different models to its name. They vary a lot in size, features and price. Starting from their Sprout model which has space for 3 seed pods up to 10″ growing space and the Aerogarden Farm XL that’s almost like a real indoor garden with a 36″ growing space and 24 seed pod holes.

That’s where their Aerograden Farm comes in – it’s their biggest and most popular line to date. Compared to their smaller models, the Aerogarden Farm comes with 1 or 2 large LED lights, an LCD display, and up to 24 seed pod holes with a maximum of 36 inches grow height. You can grow taller plants like cherry tomatoes and peppers in it.

The best indoor gardening systems come with it’s price tag that might seem too high for some, but with Aerogarden’s many years of experience in the market, you’re guaranteed to get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a serious indoor gardening system with high-tech features and the ability to grow a variety of plants, Aerogarden is the best in the business.

The large Aerogarden Farm is the ideal model for those who want to start their own indoor garden or for those who have been using Aerogarden or other indoor gardening systems for a while and are looking to upgrade to a model with more features.

All Aerogarden Farm models have the same features, the only difference is the number of seed pots they can hold and the height of the plants they can grow:

We will go more in-depth about all the Aerogarden Farm models below but here’s a quick 5 AeroGarden Farm model overview:

Aerogarden Farm Features

There are a few features that are you will find in all the Aerogarden Farm models. These include:

A large LED light for plant growth

All Aerogarden Farm models have at least one large LED light. This is important for plant growth as the light helps the plants to photosynthesize – it’s the process that uses sunlight to create glucose from carbon dioxide and water.

Using technology Aerogarden will adjust the light spectrum and intensity to match the type of plant you’re growing. This means that your plants will get the exact light they need to grow and thrive. It will also allow you to grow plants even in rooms that don’t have direct sunlight or are shadier.

An LCD display

This is another feature that’s common among all the Aerogarden Farm models. The LCD display is a helpful tool as it will show you the progress of your plants, how many days are left until they’re ready to harvest and more.

The display shows you whether to add water, add nutrients a.k.a. plant food or change the water. It’s a helpful reminder so you don’t have to constantly be checking on your plants.

You can even set a vacation mode so your plants will be taken care of even when you’re not home.

Aerogarden App

Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility

All Aerogarden Farm models are compatible with Wi-Fi and Alexa. This means that you can control your Aerogarden Farm using voice commands with Alexa or by using the Aerogarden app on your smartphone.

You can do things like asking Alexa to start or stop the light and check how your plants are doing – whether you need to add water or nutrients.

More produce, faster

Not surprisingly, the bigger the Aerogarden model, the more plants it can hold. And, as we all know, the more plants you have, the more produce you’ll get.

Aerogarden Farm XL, for example, can grow up to 24 plants at a time. This means you’ll get more produce, faster. Depending on the model you can also grow different kinds of plants- from herbs to vegetables and fruits.

While in the smaller Aerogarden model you can mostly grow flowers, herbs, lettuce, and other small plants, in the Aerogarden Farm line models you can also grow taller plants like cherry tomatoes and peppers.

Stacking System

All Aerogarden Farm models come with a stacking system. It allows you to easily attach extra Aerogarden Farm modules to the main unit so you can increase your growing space.

This is especially helpful if you want to grow a lot of plants at once. You can attach up to three extra modules to the main unit, giving you a total of 72 plants that you can grow at the same time. This makes for an impressive indoor garden.

Aerogarden Farm Models Review

Now that you know some of the features that are common among all Aerogarden Farm models, let’s take a look at each individual model.

Aerogarden Farm 12: 12 Seed pots & 24 Inches Grow Height

The Aerogarden Farm 12 is the smallest of the Aerogarden Farm models. That doesn’t mean it’s actually small, however. It’s still a sizeable 34″x18″x14″ and 12 seed pods.

It has all the features of the larger Aerogarden Farm models, like the large LED light, LCD display, and Wi-Fi/Alexa compatibility, but in a more compact size. While this might not be ideal for bigger families or someone looking to grow a lot of plants at once, it’s perfect for a couple or a single person that would like to enjoy some homegrown herbs and vegetables.

Aerogarden Farm 12 PROS:

  • Compact size
  • The most affordable Aerogarden Farm model

Aerogarden Farm 12 CONS:

  • Has the smallest number of pods – 12
  • Can’t grow taller plants

Aerogarden Farm 12 XL: 12 Seed pots & 36 Inches Grow Height

The Aerogarden Farm 12 XL is the next step up from the Aerogarden Farm 12. It still has 12 pods, but it’s taller and can accommodate larger plants. 36″ of grow height means you can grow taller plants, like tomatoes and peppers.

Yes, you can still grow them with the regular Aerogarden Farm 12, but these plants will thrive more and produce more in the Aerogarden Farm 12 XL.

Aerogarden Farm 12 XL PROS:

  • Can grow taller plants
  • Compact size

Aerogarden Farm 12 XL CONS:

  • Has the smallest number of pods – 12

Aerogarden Farm 24 Basic: 24 Seed pots & 12 Inches Grow Height

Next up is the Aerogarden Farm 24. It’s double the size of the Aerogarden Farm 12 allowing you to use 24 pods, however, its maximum height is capped at 12-inches (versus 24 inches for Aerogarden Farm 12).

If you’re looking to grow a bigger quantity of shorter plants like lettuce, flowers, basil or other herbs this will be the perfect model for you.

Aerogarden Farm 24 Basic PROS:

  • Has 24 pods
  • Two sides for growing different types of plants
  • Adjustable light and nutrients for each side

Aerogarden Farm 24 Basic CONS:

  • Takes up double the space of the Aerogarden Farm 12
  • Only grows plants up to 12 inches tall

Aerogarden Farm 24 Plus: 24 Seed pots & 24 Inches Grow Height

The Aerogarden Farm 24 Plus is the next model up and has the same size as Aerogarden Farm 24 Basic, but can grow taller plants up to 24 inches. That’s the only difference but it shouldn’t be overlooked as it opens up the possibility to grow a wider range of plants.

Basically, it’s like two Aerogarden Farm 12 together. So if you know you want to grow a lot of plants or you have a big family, it’s definitely worth going for the Aerogarden Farm 24 Plus right away.

This is the model I chose for my indoor garden. As I wanted to grow both cherry tomatoes and herbs, I found the Aerogarden Farm 24 to be the perfect option. It has two sides so you can grow different types of plants on each side adjusting the light and nutrients as needed.

Aerogarden Farm 24 Plus PROS:

  • Has 24 pods
  • Two sides for growing different types of plants
  • Can grow plants up to 24 inches

Aerogarden Farm 24 Plus CONS:

  • Takes up double the space of the Aerogarden Farm 12

Aerogarden Farm 24 XL: 24 Seed pots & 36 Inches Grow Height

The Aerogarden Farm 24 XL is the biggest and most deluxe model of the Aerogarden Farm line. It can hold up to 24 pods at a time and grow them up to 36 inches tall.

Again, if we compare them with other Aerogarden Farm models, it’s like two Aerogarden Farm 12 XL models in one. I personally went for the Aerogarden Farm 24 Plus model as I thought these additional 12 inches won’t make much difference for my needs (I was planning to grow a wide variety of plants). But if you want to focus on growing tall cherry tomatoes, this should be your go-to choice.

Aerogarden Farm 24 XL PROS:

  • Has 24 pods
  • Can grow plants up to 36 inches tall
  • Two sides for growing different types of plants

Aerogarden Farm 24 XL CONS:

  • The priciest Aerogarden Farm models

Best Aerogarden Farm Final Breakdown

Hope this gave you an overview of the different Aerogarden Farm models. Here’s a little summary:

Aerogarden Farm ModelFarm 12Farm 12 XLFarm 24 BasicFarm 24 PlusFarm 24 XL
Dimensions34 x 18 x 14 inches46 x 18 x 14 inches24 x 36 x 14 inches34 x 36 x 14 inches46 x 36 x 14 inches
Seed pods1212242424
Max growth height24 inches36 inches12 inches24 inches36 inches
PriceCheck hereCheck hereCheck hereCheck hereCheck here

The Aerogarden Farm 12 is the most compact and affordable option and perfect for those with limited space. The Aerogarden Farm 24 Plus is the best value for money as it can grow taller plants. And the Aerogarden Farm 24 XL is the biggest and most deluxe model.

But in the end it comes down to what you need and what your budget is. I’ve been very happy with my  Aerogarden Farm 24 Plus model enjoying fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes and herbs all at the same time. The investment was worth it for me and I’m sure it will be for you too. After all, nothing compares to the taste of fresh homegrown vegetables!

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